1. Introduction 

Morph platform provides converse functionality where agents can handle chat requests from customers. An agent can share different types of messages including audio/video/images. 

2. Access

You can access chat requests by clicking on the converse tab on the left panel.

3. Handling a chat request

3.1 Assignment of chat requests. 

Assigned: The chat that is assigned to you or being handled by you will be visible in this column. 

Unassigned: This is the pool of requests that come from your customers and are visible to all agents. You can pick any chat requests from the pool. Once you respond to a request in the Unassigned pool it will be visible in the Assigned column.

3.2 Sending replies during the chat request 

In the message box, an agent can type a simple message or add a rich message 

Send  a message: Press Enter 

Next Line: Press “Shift+enter”

Refresh chat: Press ‘’ to refresh the chat

Rich Message

A rich message gives a user an option to add text, image/video/file, audio, contact, location. To know more read about the ‘Send Message’ block.

You can also add properties. When you type ‘{{‘ you get the dropdown of properties from which you can select the relevant option. 

3.3  Closing/resolving a chat request 

On the top right you will find a button name ASSIGN TO BOT.  Clicking on this button the user will return back to bot flow. In this scenario, the Chat can only be resumed if a user re-initiates the chat.

3.4 Accessing Bot user Information

You can access Bot user’s information from the panel present on the right side of your chat window. You can also see the value of session properties.